Will we be seeing "New Activities" in the near future?!

I have taken about everything or done most activities . Will we be seeing MORE under our activities soon? I realize things are hectic with the Social Media Network “linking” to WEGO Health, and I have some “suggestions” if you would like them about “subjects” we could do discussions on, put in resources etc

Thanks, Pam

All I am seeing here is new spammers & no one doing much to moderate the forum & when you do speak up you just get silenced & have your threads locked.
Best of luck to you in getting that resolved though.

Hi Rhia, we’re currently working on many new resources and events for the SHN. We’re going to be unveiling new rewards here within the month and also are currently developing a new program that will increase our course content! We’re looking forward to sharing more details soon. For now, we’ll keep posting new opportunities, we have new connection challenges posted weekly, and have new advocacy resources quarterly.


THANKS so much Julie!!! I felt like with the Social Media Awards going on , we would begin to see NEW AND AWESOME THINGS SOON! I am thrilled about the new opportunities ahead! Thanks again, Rhia

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